Next Tuesday's Hike Details  

                Date: 1/21/20

Location: McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Trail: Tom's Thumb Trailhead, Marcus Landslide

Fee: No

Restrooms: Yes

Distance: 52 miles to trailhead parking

Address: 23015 N 128th Street, Scottsdale

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Marcus Landslide.JPG

Hike Marcus Landslide to start of the loop

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3.8 Miles with 350 ft. of elevation and a rating of 2

Hike Marcus Landslide complete loop

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4.5 miles with 400 ft. of elevation and a rating of 3

Hike Tom's Thumb

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4 Miles with 1236 ft. of elvation and a rating of 4

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 Next Friday's  Hike Details 

                           Date: 1/24/20

Location: Phoenix Mountain Preserve

Trail: Piestewa Peak and Freedom Loop Trail

Fee: No

Restroom: Yes

Distance: 39 miles to trailhead

Address: Park 1/4 mile before 5994 East Squaw Peak Drive just after park's entrance.

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Piestewa Freedom Loop.JPG

Hike Piestewa Peak and Freedom Loop trail

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4.5 Miles with elevation gain1735 ft. and a rating of 3.5

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Please, share hiking photos by emailing photos to ADAMSEDL36@GMAIL.COM

Thank you Jenny & Gil Maw for managing snacks and beverages

Thank you Craig Eberle and Mary Davis for bringing treats this week

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