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Hike Leaders and Sweeper's Guidelines


  • Nourish a safe and fun environment (error on the side of safety)

  • Carry a first aid kit

  • Carry a walkie talkie

  • Check hiker's status every 1/2 mile; thumbs up

  • Remind hikers to drink water every 1/2 mile

  • If a hiker needs to return or rest get a volunteer to stay with the hiker

  • Let other hiking groups know when you have reached the halfway point

  • Save hike leaders and sweepers phone numbers for backup communication

  • Complete your group's hike at the planned time without compromising safety

  • Make sure you know who is carrying the AED and what group they are in.

  • Consider attending AED training (free at Trilogy)

  • Consider completing CPR training (small fee at Trilogy)

Hiker's Guidelines


  • Nourish a safe and fun environment

  • Read hike details including hike's distance and elevation

  • Do your best to select a hiking group that best fits your ability (If unsure start easy)

  • Recognize walking three miles around the Trilogy community is much easier than hiking

  • Don't pass the hike leader without advising the leader your intention

  • Don't drop behind the sweeper without advising the sweeper of your intention

  • If not feeling good let the leader, sweeper or hiking partner know so they can help evaluate best action to take

  • When feeling poor stop, rest and consider safety first when making turn back decisions

  • If you bring a guest, you must hike with the guest to nourish a safe and fun activity

Tuesday's Organization


At Tuesday's hikes the hikers separate into three hiking groups at the trailhead to best fit hikers with hiking styles as noted below. Friday's hikes are for the most adventurous hikers who stay in one group and take on most challenging hikes.


A = Adventurous Group hikes quickest and furthest

       3.2 pace with most elevation gain such as 1000 ft.
B = Basic Group hikes at an intermediate pace & distance                   2.8 pace with some elevation challenge such as 750 ft.
C = Casual group hikes at easiest pace & shortest distance

       2.3 pace with 300 to 600 ft. elevation gain.


To help determine which group is best fit for you select links to web sites in the hiking schedule where hike specifications and other details can be viewed

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