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  Hiking Courtesies and Safety  

Hello Hikers,


This is a reminder of "Common Courtesies and Hiking Safety" to help hikers enjoy hiking and return safely. To assist us in meeting the club's objectives the following information is respectfully offered for your consideration.


  1. All hikes have a designated Hike Leader and Sweeper who are identified at the beginning of each hike. They are to insure the safety of the group and have very specific responsibilities. Please, do NOT get in front of the Leader or behind the Sweeper without their explicit approval.

  2. Stay on the trail. For all trail users, the downhill hiker yields the trail to those coming uphill. Please, yield the trail to faster hikers and bikers. Stand off the trail to allow horses and riders to pass.

  3. Do Not step on any rocks that move! This is especially critical at the end of a hike when energy levels have dropped.

  4. The use of a hiking stick is VERY beneficial especially when decending. Keep the stick on the edge side of the trail that has a drop off; as most falls are not uphill. Peebles and small rocks turn into an opportunity for downhill skiing and practicing your most complicated dance steps!

  5. If you are new to hiking, hopefully you have been walking and exercsing before starting on this wonderful adventure in the Valley of the Sun. We do not ask if you are prepared to hike and be aware walking three miles around the Trilogy community is much easier than completing a three mile hike in the desert with rocks and rough terrain. We average two to near four mph on the trail with elevation gain that at times is signficant. Hiking is definityly more strenuous compared to walking on the treadmill in the fitness center or walking around the community. Thanks for considering the difference.

  6. Hiking is NOT meant to be a race and we want everyone to hike within their personal abilities. Leaders with sweeper's input will adjust the group's speed/pace as needed to ensure the safety of everyone.

  7. If new to this hiking club start hiking at the easiest level and move up hiking level to gain best fit for safe and fun adventures.

  8. If you have any medical condition discuss your plans with your health care provider and let your hike leader and sweeper know of any concerns so support can be provided if needed.

  9. Make sure you understand hike difficulty by reading club's distributed hike details including web site linkes that provide hike specifications.

  10. Bring sufficient water and snacks. One liter of water or energy drink is recommended per hour of hike. We generaly hike two to three hours.

  11. Hiking backpacks with camelbacks (water holder) and basic first aid kit is recommeded with hiking shoes and poles.


There are many sites on the internet that can help make hiking more enjoyable and safe.  You are encouraged to surf the web.


Happy and Safe Trails Playmates

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